Keeping your staff connected and motivated during COVID-19

Self isolate, avoid crowds and work from home! That's face to face corporate events out the window for 2020 then! But there's still a way to bring your staff together during this difficult time! 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused havoc for us all. Has anyone tried switching 2020 off and on again? Employees have been asked to work from home, but it isn't for everyone. It can be very isolating and lead to depression in many people who want to stay connected to their colleagues. And not just to talk about work - but to socialise and learn about each other, to inspire each other and take a break. Some people like the buzz of an office. We're social beings at the end of the day and don't like to be on our own.

Now your sales team are stuck in a home office (or box room!), your accounts team are working in the living room of their flat (all spreadsheets and no conversation) and your inhouse design team are losing their creativity. With no companionship and relying on emails and live messaging from colleagues it can be a very lonely place to work.

It's easy to lose yourself working at home. Before you know it it's 3pm and you've only had 1 cup of tea all day (long gone are those catch up chats around the office kettle with your peers). To be honest, you've been so busy working you've forgotten to get some lunch, take in any fresh air or even get out of your PJ's (well you're not planning on seeing anyone are you)! You had the best intentions of starting the day with some exercise or practicing the art of meditation, but they never happened and now it's time for Netflix. 

For the wellbeing of your staff, their moods and productivity Bamboo Events Ltd can arrange to keep them all connected through the power of the internet.

Break up their day and invite your staff to join an 'online event' where we can offer a range of activities, energisers, exercise classes or motivational speeches.

We're happy to produce a bespoke session to suit your requirements - a serious learning session or just some fun! Here's some initial ideas:


Take this opportunity to run some extra leadership workshops

Schedule exhibition stand training to teach your staff how to get the best from your future trade shows

Host a wellbeing event - let us show your staff how to manage their day working from home with self care top tips!

Hold a morning exercise class - keep fit or yoga anyone?

Relax at the end of the day with a group meditation session

Offer a work from home diet / nutrition special (we're all having to eat in a lot more often now)

Why not do some unexpected teambuilding - arts and crafts, music creation, office Mastermind, or a 'the shut pub quiz'

We can offer a host of motivational speakers to keep your staff inspired too

How about signing up to learn a new skill - knitting, tapping, make up tutorials or online styling parties

We also have fantastic speakers who can talk about stress management and goal mapping as well as mindset


Maybe your sales team would like to invite some of your prospects and customers to join them in one of these special sessions (including an opportunity for them to sign up more leads beforehand of course!). 

The live events industry may have taken an unexpected turn this year but Bamboo Events Ltd pride ourselves in bringing events to life and creating bespoke experiences, and now directly to a living room near you! Please contact us on 0208 224 3269 or so we can provide you with a one off session, or programme for the next few weeks from 10 - 100 people!

In the meantime, we'd like to wish everyone a healthy body and mind during this outbreak until we see you onsite again!

Written by: Emma Knights, Event Director