This Is The Year Of Virtual Events!

This is the year of virtual events and connecting to your audience is still the goal. With video conference calls and webinars becoming the new day to day norm, how can you continue to connect with your customers, prospects and staff to share your products, services and messages? Virtual events is definitely the new way forward for 2020 thanks to COVID-19! 

You may think that the whole point of an event is to connect face to face with your customer base (we would usually be inclined to agree), however in this age of lockdown and social distancing you need to be seen to adapt not just disappear completely! You can still engage and interact with your audience with a virtual event. 

There are many benefits to hosting a virtual event:

  • It can work out significantly cheaper than a live event, as you don't need to spend your budget on a venue or catering for all your guests.
  • It's just like a live event with multiple speakers, presentations, videos, panel discussions, Q&A's and interaction. 
  • Our producers are with you every step of the way ensuring the event runs smoothly in the background with no technical issues. 
  • The platform is fully customisable and brandable.
  • There is a virtual 'green room' for presenters to join before going live. 
  • Speakers can present from home or from their office. Alternatively, for a more uniformed look we can provide a branded stage set inviting speakers to one location (adhering to social distancing of course). 
  • Pre-recorded presentations can be added.
  • We run tests and coach all your presenters in advance, so they are comfortable with the system. 
  • All you and your speakers need to do is focus on the presentations.

What Bamboo Events Ltd bring to the event is thorough pre-event planning, speaker and presentation management, delegate registration... and some bonus fun elements too!

Written by: Emma Knights, Event Director