Why hiring an event management company is good for your bottom line, brand and stress levels?

Are you in a current state of stress trying to plan an event and are feeling the pressure? Maybe you’re trying to plan a business event as well as your full-time job and it’s becoming a bit too overwhelming? So, who you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters, but an event management company!

We get it. Events can be super stressful and take so much time to get right. There’s so much to think about, so much to plan and so much to do. That is why hiring an event planner can be the best option for you.

Let’s begin by mentioning that: EVENT COMPANIES CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. 

You may think that hiring an event planner is a luxury or an added expense or even that by organising the event yourself, you’ll save money. But event management companies can actually maximise budgets and stretch them further. Due to the vast number of events they organise each year they often have special rates with venues and suppliers. And even better yet, they know the best in town. They know how to negotiate and more importantly what areas to negotiate on. They know every trick in the book in terms of saving money (hotel contract negotiation anyone?). Let them handle all the negotiations and money saving tricks whilst you enjoy an extended lunch break… I mean, get back to work!


Like I said before, events are a lot of work! From researching, to planning, liaising, guest lists, entertainment ideas, the setting up, attending, to packing away. And don’t even get me started on your guest experience and what they’ll say once the event is finished. Everyone wants to host the best event of the year, or that the business has ever seen, making sure their guests have an unforgettable time (for all the right reasons!). So, by working with an event management company, the delegate experience is always considered. They will have your guests raving about it for years to come and also wanting to know when the next event is, because by now you’ve got a rad reputation.

Now you’ve got that off your hands, use your new spare time to go out and find the perfect little black dress (or tuxedo!) to wear and whilst you’re at it, a new pair of killer heels too. No more grey hairs, meditation and yoga sessions! Well actually, more time for those hair appointments, meditation and yoga sessions!

Event companies are the first to arrive onsite at an event and last to leave. You can rest assured that your event set up or exhibition stand build is going to plan and everything will be ready when you arrive. After a long evening of socialising (or 3 days at your demo pod!) with seriously sore feet in your new heels, you can leave with your guests and not worry about the dreaded post event clean up - the event planners signed up for that job.


For all those business events, like product launches, award ceremonies, business anniversaries exhibition stands or company conferences, it can be difficult trying to incorporate your company ethos and values – what makes you special in your industry to your staff, customers and partners. Event companies make a concerted effort to get inside your business to truly understand how you want to be represented through your events. They are also that fresh pair of eyes looking into your business, making sure the event offerings are working hard for your guest.

After all events are about people taking time out of their busy schedule to spend with you! Event management companies can help make it extra special.


No doubt about that. They have the skills, the connections, the knowledge, the experience, the passion and most importantly the patience. They truly have done it all and can share so many ideas with you. They know which venues will be most suitable, to what’s possible within the timescales and your budget, to how they can add that ‘extra something’ to help you and your brand stand out. They also provide expert and strict budget management control, making sure you’re kept up to date throughout the project. So, take that deep breath and relax! You’re in safe hands.

Most importantly, events companies know all the elements needed to organise any event and won’t forget the little details! Have you ever hosted an event without the help of an event planner and had that moment of panic as you realise you’ve accidentally forgotten to book the photographer or given your guests enough time for a comfort break (seriously, only 10 minutes for 500 delegates to grab a coffee and go to the loo!)? It’s like that feeling when you’re on your way to the airport and realise you’ve forgotten your passport! We’ve heard the horror stories of prizes being forgotten at an awards dinner, or delegates stuck outside in the rain. Don’t even get us started on the Fyre Festival disaster (the most uncomfortable television documentary of our lives!).  

When hiring and event management company, you needn’t worry about a thing!

Written by: Emma Knights, Event Director